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We believe everyone knows they deserve to Live Well & Beautifully.



Because somewhere in our heart, we have this feeling, however faint,

that it is our natural state, a birth right, deeply Who We Are.

And when we are being Who We Are, we feel joy! 

Another natural state. Joy is the result of us in alignment, in harmony with our soul,

the divine spark inside of us, the divine spark that knows

our true heart and is leading us to our fulfillment.

We are Soul Delights Interiors: an Interior Styling & Home Décor business. 

Our focus is helping you BE in harmony

with your divine SPARK, so your heart flows out joy, the joy that YOU are.

The relationship with our Divine spark, our Soul, is the ONE relationship,

like a master key, that opens all the others. 

We use your living spaces as the canvas for your Soul to tell his or her story,

and as the container to express its unique voice: its vision of Self.

We are passionate about this.  Our mission is to ignite and bring more joy

in the world, one Home-Soul-Harmonizing at the time.

Based in Los Angeles, we create Soul-Enhanced & Soul-Infused spaces,

where you are comfortable and live authentically as Who You Are.

Our designs & Home Styling services go beyond visual pleasantness; we create

harmonious environments for Well Being - mental & physical, for home or office.

Our secret: Beauty & the beautiful.     

We pair the arts of interior styling, aesthetics & inner mental wellbeing

to transform your home into an ally that celebrates all of you: your Soul.

We invite YOU to start Living Well & Beautifully today.  

Our Services

Feng Shui Consultant near me


Beyond Landscaping


Let us create a visual landscape that is a space of connection & communing between you and your soul. Our Metta-Scapes provide harmony, delights and balance through sculpture, water features, and/or high vibration plants and flowers.

Spiritual Home Decor

Soul Reflections

Soul-Enhanced Interiors


Everything in your space has the affect of either giving or pulling energy from you.

Let us create uplifting, inspiring and beautiful spaces for you through our Color Selection Service, Insights Consultations and more.

Feng Shui Consultant Online

Soul Delights Shop

Orchids & Candles


We believe every space deserves to have an orchid or luxury candle. You can immediately shift the way any room feels by adding that finishing touch of timeless elegance. In single or multiple combination(s).


Your Soul thrives in beauty.

Take a look at the beautiful environments in Nature.  So many of them take our breath away, because we respond to the beautiful. 

Beauty is the natural essence of the Soul.  Through our styling & designs,

we bring more of your soul's unique energy around you, 

 creating an atmosphere conducive of joy effortlessly.

We offer Color Selection services specifically to identify colors

that enhance the energies of your soul.  

Our MettaScapes takes landscaping into experiences where

you commune with your soul.

The Muse Hour is a consultation for any time you need insights 

on new Enhancements for more elevated living & more joy.


Through our Orchid Thrills, we bring you that timeless, elegant touch,

every joyful home must have.

Get Spiritual Home Decor for your Spiritual House. I am a Home Stylist operating as a Feng Shui Consultant Online

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