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To live fully Requires Joy

We all desire to experience that fullness of life, to feel we have attained the full potential of our Being.

We believe the world out there is chaotic enough;

and so think the environments from which you express who you are, display your creativity, exercise your brilliance or renew your spirit, should not reflect that outer world

Rather they should be visual reflections of you. 

Chikeola Karimou

Founder & Creatrix


Our Story

Hello and Welcome.  I am Chikeola Karimou, a firm believer that we could all use a bit more joy on the planet, don't you agree?

I have spent most of my adult life on the Spiritual path, determined to attain that "intangible something" the enlightened teachers all talk about.  It is through this journey that the illumination was bestowed upon me.  In doing the Spiritual work to understand and comprehend my relationship with Life, Creation, Creator, I was given to experience the "aliveness" of everything: everything. 

It's not a secret anymore, we now know all is energy.  It is the profound understanding of this reality that led to my discovery and now the work I do.  We are each guided by our Soul. This is our primary relationship with Life, as everything we are perceiving, accepting as reality is a "movie" orchestrated by our Soul.  This relationship can be a distant one or we can decide to make it an intimate one, where we get to know the truth and the reality of our Soul. 


Through my journey, I discovered that aligning our outer environment with the energies of the Soul was creating an environment reflecting its vibration and realm.  When we are in such an environment and live in integrity with it, we shift.  Internally and outwardly.  We step into a new dimension of ourselves.  We start opening to the realm of the Soul and its possibilities.

Working with me

My work is about Harmonizing your home.  With You, the Soul You.  The first thing I tend to is that primary relationship, the one with your Soul.  For that, we have a session where I inquire about the greater you, its vision, purpose and direction.  It is from that higher vision that I proceed to align and harmonize your home or your office.

The goal and intention are always an environment that looks good and feels good. 

Because Giving Expression to the Best of You Matters

Beauty: All it implies

- The expression of all that is highest

- Represents the supreme living qualities of Being

- Is the externalization of harmony

- Is the law of perfect thought

- Is the true expression of the good.

From The Law of Opulence, on the true power of Beauty

Thomas Troward
English Philosopher & Mystic

Hi , I am Chikeola Karimou, a home designer and feng shui consultant.

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