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The Journey of Opening & Total Acceptance

"I am worthy of being loved just for me."

Hello again and welcome back

Thank you for accepting my invitation and joining in further exploration of your expansion.


You already know your expansion is about the heart, your soul and love.

I shared previously how your soul is now inviting you to expand into Divine Love, to feel this Oneness with everything in Nature, in Life and people. 


The truth is, you already feel this connection with all and sometimes,

you may wonder if it is real.  It is. 

When you are invited into the expansion of the heart, it is to start realizing and using this connection with all that is, in a more conscious way  

It is an invitation now, with this knowledge, to start relating to others

in a different way  


It’s about now choosing consciously to remove that gap of separation with the other; it does not mean that you do not apply boundaries; it simply means that now with this knowledge of oneness, there is an invitation to practice conscious oneness; knowing that everyone and everything

is part of the Greater Life expressing


It is to keep the Heart, your heart, open, whatever the situation.  

It is to practice moving out of the mind, out of the head more and dropping into the heart, observing situations from an understanding of the heart


It is to seek harmony consciously at all times


Chikeola Karimou Final Selects-026.jpg

Hi, I am Chikeola Karimou, 

I love using the platform of Beauty to support people to Embody their Divine, for more ease, less struggles and more effortlessness in life.  

Why Beauty, and the Beautiful?

The realm of the Soul, your Soul, is higher, refined and beautiful.  So I use the Beautiful as an accelerator to help you harmonize with

the vibrations of your Soul. 


The more you are in the vibrations of your Soul, your Divine, the more you feel “at home” in your Being, comfortable, aligned, & harmonious. 


It is through decades of spiritual studies and practices, as well as my love of Art, that I received an inner revelation of how Beauty is a healing power;

and how to use this portal to connect to the Divine. 


Through my work, I use the success power of Beauty to bring about harmony, inviting people to start with Simple Beauty Upgrades.  Working together, I help people to remove whatever is blocking their way so they are aligned and in harmony with their Divine Self, so they may open to their personal power, receive the fulfilling vision their Soul holds for them, and move to experiencing more joy in their life.  


I would love to invite you to join me & explore further how you can

open even more to your Divine. 


I suggest to start with Beauty in your home where you can elevate the beauty you surround yourself with, because as we know, everything is energy, and the more the energies you surround yourself with are vibrating at the same level with your Soul’s energies, the more harmonious with your Divine. 


PS: We have to rise to  meet the Divine.  It is a Spiritual Law. 

The Divine does not come down to meet us; so we refine who we are,

we refine our environment and we make ourselves available. 

Through harmony, we receive more.  


You may wonder why this matters? 

Or why is this important? 

It is because our Divine is like an untapped Super Power

Once we learn to be in harmony with it, and how to work with it; once we accomplish that, this super power becomes  more available to us;

guiding us on how to unfold the greater vision of meaning and

fulfillment It has for us 


To start Your Simple Beauty Upgrades, you can book your Free Consultation here.  I am available to answer your questions.  Enter your name, email and phone number and I will be in touch with you very soon. 

You may be wondering or debating within yourself: how do I know?

How do I know I need to upgrade the energies of my home to match

my Soul's energies? 

It is simple.

- Is the video a match in your heart with you

- Do you wish you knew how to create such a feel-good, beautiful space

as the one in your video? 

- If there is a part of you reading this and whispering to yourself: oh dear, ...

my space looks nothing like this !

- If there is a little voice inside of you murmuring "I wish my home

could be this beautiful..."?

- If you have started talking to yourself thinking "it may be time to start looking around and plan to move; or it may be time to re-organize things around here, move out some clutter ..."

Then a part of you is already knowing the answer. I invite you to trust that part of you, and to empower it by listening to it, and taking action.

Building trust with your Divine matters, I promise.


PPS: I know it is custom in the online world to use the tactics of fear to invite us into stepping into our next level of growth, into the next unfoldment of our true potential.  

Fortunately, Embody Your Divine is about a New Way of Being. 

Through my work, I hold the truth about your Divine Self,

which is whole, beautiful, aware, and has all the knowing you require.  

As my work is about uplifting you into a space of love and trust,

as well as empowerment, the fear energy can not be part of our interactions.  The energy and vibration we work with here is

that of Love, of trust, of knowing that through your Inner Power,

you can choose for yourself; with clarity and decisiveness 


One more thing:

You see, the desires we all have: to succeed, to have more, to have a life of meaning, to be happy, to be fulfilled, all these longings in our hearts, in truth, is a desire to be in harmony and aligned with our Divine Self.  In other words, it is a journey of worthiness.  Through our desires, what we are all truly wanting is to feel worthy: worthy of love; worthy of success; worthy to be seen, worthy to be accepted, worthy to shine our uniqueness brilliantly.  

The truth is, raising the energies and vibrations in your home is

a silent way of telling your Divine to release more of its energies in you.

It is raising all aspects of your life. 


The worthiness statement when opening the heart is

I am worthy of being loved just for me & as I wish to be loved.” 


You can start with Simple Beauty Upgrades. And you can book your Free Consultation here.

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